DQLabs Capabilities

Smart Native Connectors

DQLabs out-of-the-box smart connectors let you manage data sources in any form, shape or location.

Business Dashboards and Insights

Readily available insights on alerts and data issues across your data stack powered with business dashboards and configurable widgets.

ML based Anomaly Detection

Out-of-the-box advanced anomaly detection algorithm detects anomalies across all metadata and custom measures.

Drift and Behavior Analysis

Smart data quality and observability monitoring capabilities adjust and adapt automatically for actionable alerts

Measure Data Quality

Scan various types of data assets in real-time and generate a trustable Data Quality score that can be tracked over time for continuous improvement.

Semantic Discovery

Discover and extract semantics across your data store with just a few clicks for auto-discovery of rules or active metadata management.

Usage Analytics

Monitor table and column usage across our data ecosystem by role or users over time to understand critical or unused data assets.

Issue Management

Integrate seamlessly with any third-party tools such as Slack, Teams, Jira, ServiceNow, and many more to improve user collaboration across the organization.

Improved Governance

Power your governance and catalog, active metadata strategy with DQLabs integration to major platforms.