Maximize business value

Real time insight on usage for proactive management

Check out Usage Insights

Real-Time Insights on your asset’s usage to asses across cost analytics, criticality, downstream root cause, and upstream impact analysis.

Understand Key assets

Track and analyze your spending and utilization across several days by roles, enabling users to understand the data asset’s criticality.

Reduce Storage and Cost

DQLabs automatically identifies high consumption and related queries to help your team optimize storage, compute and reduce cost.

Deteriorating Queries

Identifies anomalies in query run time using execution time over 30 days automatically.

See Usage Insights in Action

Insights you need to manage and reduce storage and compute costs

More Features from DQLabs Platform

Leverage DQLabs’ unified platform with smart capabilities across data observability, quality, and discovery.

Semantic Discovery

Discover and extract semantics across your data store with just a few clicks for auto-discovery of rules or active metadata management.

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Measure Data Quality

Scan various types of data assets in real-time and generate a trustable Data Quality score that can be tracked over time for continuous improvement.

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Multi-column analysis

Smart data quality and observability monitoring capabilities adjust and adapt automatically for actionable alerts 

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