Data Quality

As organizations constantly use more data in distributed environments, and face more complex business requirements, data and analytics leaders are challenged to assure high data quality with more effective data quality programs and tools. DQLabs with its augmented Machine learning-enabled platform performs all forms of data quality tasks much more automated, transparent and efficient to business users.

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Data Quality Features

Let’s put you in the driver seat of managing and preparing high quality data by leveraging DQLabs AI/ML augmented data quality platform that scans various types of data sources and data sets in real time and provides scoring with the ability to track, manage and improve data quality over time

Data Quality Features

Understand Quality in consensus

Data Quality means different things to different functions. DQLabs platform has made possible for organizations to come to consensus and provides the ability to compare scores from one source to another irrespective of form or origination or size.

Data Quality Features

Improve data quality on any types , any forms , any data

Track, Manage and Improve your data quality over time using the Autonomous Data Quality profiling that can scans any types of data in real time and provides immediate quality impact analysis.

Data Quality Features

Highly interactive Visual Learning Environment

Visual Learning environment that allows business and technical users to interact with data and understand the root cause of quality issues. The platform comes with algorithms that are fine tuned to automatically discover patterns, insights, fraud, missing values and correlations across attributes, datasets and data sources within fraction of minutes to improve data quality.

Data Quality Features

User driven / Interactive Profile Execution

Discover, Analyze, understand critical patterns and Insights by performing AdHoc or scheduled execution of profiling as part of built in visual UI in minutes and recognize immediate ROI all without requiring any advanced skills.

Data Quality Features

Out of the box Catalog with Quality Scorecard

All out metadata information and cataloguing of sources includes Data Quality Score (DQScore™) in simple intuitive way for data analyst, modelers, and business analyst to understand the impact of usage in report and analytics.

Data Quality Features

Trend Analysis

As businesses shift in strategy and data changes, DQLabs automatically discovers changes and monitors trend and autoconfigures to aid and improve data quality – all autonomously without any aid.

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Other Modules

All complex tasks around connection, data profiling, curation, master data management and reporting is all done in few clicks.

Data Catalog

DQLabs modernizes the meta data, catalog and taxonomy management with its out-of-the-box connectors and using its patent pending AI driven DataSense™ technology.

Data Curation

ML based smart curation modules to automatically curate the data based on the metadata definition and using Reinforcement Learning at all three levels of curation – Basic, Reference and Advanced.

Master Data Management

Easy entity definition and management of Master models and creation of master or golden key records for customers, products, devices, and other business entities.


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