Resolve issues faster than ever before

Leverage automated lineage, root cause analysis, deep profiling for resolution.

Centralized Issue Resolution

Faster time-to-resolution enabled with automated lineage, deep profiling, and the business terms, and context your teams need—all in one platform.

Automated Lineage

End-to-end field lineage to fully understand upstream sources and downstream dependencies to assess priority and aid in issue resolution.

Automated Root cause analysis

Every issue is automatically prioritized based on deviation levels from the benchmark, along with the assignment of owners by domain or function and workflow history for issue resolution.

Get alerted using collaboration tools

Get alerted to your team’s preference by out-of-the-box integrations with collaboration tools such as Email, Teams, Slack, and Pagerduty. You also have the option to pick your channels per user or at the domain level.

See Faster Time to Resolution in Action

Build data trust across your organization with centralized issue resolution.

More Features from DQLabs Platform

Leverage DQLabs’ unified platform with smart capabilities across data observability, quality, and discovery.

Power your active metadata

Power your active metadata using the DQLabs out-of-the-box integration with industry-leading other catalog partners easily.

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Measure KPIs

Scan various types of data assets in real-time to generate all the way from KPIs, to attribute level score and aggregated score at ease.

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Detect data and metadata anomalies

Get real-time notifications about data level changes and schema level changes across your data ecosystem.

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