Derive Insights and Recommendations

Using DQLabs both business and technical stakeholders can analyze and make sense of bad data to their own ends. All stakeholders can better understand their own data and achieve their functional goals faster than ever before. The platform is built to empower users to derive usable insights and to recommend the next best actions both strategically and tactically.

With the platform, you can generate all the metrics you need and measure across any of the data dimensions used in your organization. DQLabs allows leaders and functional managers to understand how they want to see and share data, improve data and leverage trustable data. All this in one platform with outcome-focused measurement using KPI, metrics, and performance dashboards.

Check out our Data Quality Business Insights and Recommendation Features

Leverage DQLabs to create your own business dashboards and derive Insights and actionable recommendations.

Default DQ Metrics Dashboard - DQLabs

Default DQ Metrics Dashboard

DQLabs comes with a built-in eagle eye view business dashboard that provides various data quality measurement metrics such as overall quality of your organization, domain-level scoring Score distribution across data sources, relationships, user behavior analysis, data sensitivity analysis, user engagements, and conversations, etc., to help you understand more about your organization data.

Social Collaborative Metrics

Collaboration among users helps you to resolve issues quickly and improve the overall data quality within your organization. Stay on top of the activities, track the progress such as open new, and resolved issues in real-time.

Social Collaborative Metrics - DQLabs
Data Quality and Impact Score - DQLabs

Data Quality and Impact Score

Using DQLabs you can measure Data Quality at both objective and subjective dimensions and calculates the current data quality score DQScore™ and also calculates impact score which is “What percentage of bad records are turned into good before curation”.

Create your own Dashboard

DQLabs enables your leaders and functional managers to create and customize their own dashboards in just a few clicks using smart widgets which helps them make sense of the bad data in their own ways

Create your own Dashboard - DQLabs
Monitoring alerts and notifications - DQLabs

Monitoring Alerts and Notifications

The alerts and notifications for various activities such as exceeding the drift threshold can be monitored and managed in a dedicated dashboard provided within the DQLabs platform.

Integrate with Third-Party Collaboration and Workflow Tools

DQLabs provides the capability to integrate seamlessly with any third-party collaboration and workflow tools such as Slack, Teams, Jira, ServiceNow, and many more to improve your user collaboration across the organization.

Integrate with third-party collaboration and workflow tools - DQLabs
Search and Relevance - DQLabs

Search and Relevance

By using the powerful search functionality provided by the DQLabs platform, you can perform a search at attribute, data set, data source, domain level to get what you are looking for.

Domain Level Reporting

DQLabs provides the capability to define and logically separate domain level business dashboards which help you to take immediate action and make business-critical decisions.

Domain level reporting - DQLabs
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Leverage DQLabs for Business Outcome-focused measurements and Derive Insights and Recommendations.

Smart Native Connectors

Using DQLabs smart connectors that comes out of the box, you can connect to an unlimited amount of data sources in any form, shape and any location.

Monitor Drift and Behavior Analysis

Semantic Discovery

With DQLabs’ Data Sense™ capabilities, you can automatically enrich semantics for any type of data with or without metadata information.

Smart Native Connectors

Measure Data Quality

Scan various types of data sources and data sets in real-time and generate a trustable DQScore™ with the ability to track, manage and improve data quality over time.

Smart Native Connectors
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