Out of the box Data Quality

Measure everything from KPI to attributes

Measure Data Quality for known issues

Over 56 plus pre-defined measures across Health, Distribution, Statistics, and Frequency for detecting and resolving known issues.

Dimensions and domains level scoring

Using out-of-the-box predefined measures across patterns, format, schema, duplicates, statistics, and aggregate data quality score according to your own domains or dimensions.

Supervised Learning for Scoring

DQLabs’ built-in interactive visual UI and self-learning capabilities allow you to interact and provide valid and invalid data feedback. In addition, our platform learns from that interaction and universally applies across your organization’s assets.

Organization Hierarchy Scoring

Configure your own hirerachy level scoring to view from top to bottom across domains, functions, systems or applications for ease of collaboration and increased quality governance.

See our Data Quality Measurement in Action

Know your missing data before anyone knows.

More Features from DQLabs Platform

Leverage DQLabs’ unified platform with smart capabilities across data observability, quality, and discovery.

Monitor Drift and Behavior Analysis

Smart data quality and observability monitoring capabilities adjust and adapt automatically for actionable alerts.

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Remediate and Improve Data Quality

Measurement without remediation does not help to improve data quality. Using DQLabs you can not only identify the bad records but also enable remediation.

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Business Dashboards and Insights

Readily available insights on alerts and data issues across your data stack powered with business dashboards and configurable widgets.

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