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Enable better business outcomes by better understanding of data using modern data and analytics governance


In today’s world, diversity and the pace of business demand for data and analytics far exceeds the ability to meet through existing governance capabilities. Navigating through many different types, sources, users, and uses of data assets across an organization is becoming more and more challenging and complex requiring diverse implementation approaches and styles for data and analytics governance. Further its complicated with the lack of a standardized approach to governance blocked its governance objectives.

To align data and analytics governance programs and succeed with data and analytics programs, use DQLabs to automate data and analytics governance implementation by deploying augmented data management.

Modern data governance tool - DQLabs

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Data Governance Features

Leverage DQLabs to deploy out-of-the box standard data governance model with established governance processes, stewardship roles, and information health metrics to improve data quality.

Better understanding of data - Data Governance Feature

Data Governance Feature

Better understanding of data

Leverage an ML-augmented data catalog to simplify and automate the process of discovering, inventorying, profiling, tagging, and creating semantic relationships between data assets and understanding data quality.

Data Governance Feature

Trace back to source using Data Lineage

Build trust in data-driven business outcomes by automating the process of data lineage to traced from the data source to data consumption.

Trace back to source using Data Lineage - Data Governance Feature
Automated Data Traceability - Data Governance Feature

Data Governance Feature

Automated Data Traceability

Ability to report and monitor data assets over a period of time along with various aspects of data management such as quality, trend, sensitivity, curation impact, etc.,

Data Governance Feature

Minimize risk with right access

Easy and Simple but Centralized Data Security and Permissioning of information assets across data sources, datasets, and even to the attribute level.

Minimize risk with right access - Data Governance Feature
Proactive identification of sensitive data - Data Governance Feature

Data Compliance Feature

Proactive identification of sensitive data

Automatic identification of personally identifiable information using semantic type identification across various information assets to avoid exposing sensitive data.

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Other Modules

All complex tasks around connection, data profiling, curation, master data management and reporting is all done in few clicks.

Data Compliance

Operationalize your regulatory compliance and privacy programs through AI/ML enabled Data Compliance platform to report, remediate gaps and be 100% compliance.

Cleanse your data with DQLabs' smart curation platform

Data Integration

Unlimited connectors for extracting data from any operational systems, data sources for provisioning integrated dataset for optimized and repeatable analytics.

360 View or Golden View of Records

Data Catalog

Ability to discover patterns, insights, fraud, missing values and correlations across attributes using all connected datasets and data sources within fraction of minutes using AI from users’ behaviors and automatic business rules configurations.

DQLabs' Modern Data Cataloging
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