Improved Governance

Real time insight on alerts, issues for your governance

Data Catalog and Governance Integration

Power your governance and catalog, active metadata strategy with DQLabs integration to major platforms at ease.

Alerts, Issues and Metrics

Integrate alerts, issues, and additional metrics such as data quality score, views, usage metrics or anything else of your choic at ease.

Business Term integration

DQLabs’ out-of-the-box integration enables two-way integration to define business rules, data quality logic, and critical data element classification at the business term level.

Export and Import Metrics

DQLabs provide API and also export, import abilities for metadata, custom metadata and metrics at measure, attribute, asset, domain, function, and application level. Any additional metadata can be easily extended.

See Smart Native Connectors in Action

Know your missing data before anyone knows.

More Features from DQLabs Platform

Leverage DQLabs’ unified platform with converged capabilities around data observability, quality, and discovery capabilities.

Semantic Discovery

Discover and extract semantics across your data store with just a few clicks for auto-discovery of rules or active metadata management.

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Measure Data Quality

Scan various types of data assets in real-time and generate a trustable Data Quality score that can be tracked over time for continuous improvement.

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Monitor Drift and Behavior Analysis

Smart data quality and observability monitoring capabilities adjust and adapt automatically for actionable alerts.

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