Why AI/ML based data quality makes sense?

Why AI/ML based data quality makes sense?

Why AI/ML based data quality makes sense? 730 394 DQLabs

DQLabs’ AI/ML augmented analytics data quality platform does more than just save you the hassle of scrutinizing all your data sources separately. Today the data preparation team is more focused on preparing the data by either writing programs or ETL functions or custom solutions. By the time they finish, business strategies are changed resulting in a change in the data landscape and putting this cycle in a circle of never-ending realization. DQLabs was created to solve this and use the innovation of AI/ML to power the decisioning. Over time, the platform reads the data and discovers patterns that make it better and more effective in quality leakage and resolution by auto cleansing.

Regardless of the size of your company and the amount of data you have to deal with daily, an automated data quality platform can help you manage data vs. you managing another data management platform. You will be able to detect, interpret, and resolve data issues within your company’s system without actually “doing” it. Further, you as a data stewards, data analysts, or leadership team can intervene

With the help of a comprehensive AI/ML-based data quality platform such as DQLabs, organizations can make quicker decisions as well as perform ingest multiple data sources and still maintain and improve higher quality with immediate ROI and shift with sudden disruptive changes in market conditions.

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