Out of the Box Data Quality Scoring for Databricks

Event Date: 17 February 11 AM PST

Catalog – Cleanse – Observe your Lakehouse in minutes!

Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses — delivering data management and performance typically found in data warehouses with the low-cost, flexible object stores offered by data lakes. This unified platform simplifies your data architecture by eliminating the data silos that traditionally separate analytics, data science and machine learning.

Supplemented with DQLabs, now you can automatically harvest metadata and use it for the search and discovery of data assets. Not only you can now securely search but also automatically measure data quality and observability – all out of the box. This further increases your data investment by making your Lakehouse useful and actionable and enables you to effectively use the right data for models, or even optimize your data engineering pipelines.

In this webinar, we will walk through how Data Catalog, Data Quality and Data Observability are blended in one single step and made actionable – all out of the box and reduce your Time to Value.

Webinar Highlights

  • Overview of a Modern Data Stack where Databricks with DQLabs add rapid benefits.
  • Demonstration of DQLabs.ai automating Data Catalog, Data Quality and Data Observability on top of your Lakehouse
Featured Speaker
Raj Joseph

CEO, DQLabs, Inc.

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