Modern Data Quality for Snowflake

Modern Data Quality for Snowflake
Event Date: 02 Nov 11 AM PST

Join our upcoming webinar, “Modern Data Quality for Snowflake,” where we will provide an insightful overview of DQLabs’ powerful features designed to enhance your Snowflake experience.

During the session, we will conduct a live demonstration, showcasing various aspects such as:

Snowflake Connector Overview: Learn about the types of authentication supported by our Snowflake connector, ensuring secure and seamless integrations.

Semantic Integration and Pushdown: Discover how DQLabs facilitates the discovery, extraction and utilization of semantic terms, adding a layer of intelligence to your Snowflake data using our pushdown features for improving data context and understanding

Incremental Mode Using Depth in Days: Explore our support for incremental data processing, optimizing data synchronization with flexible depth settings.

Deep Data Profiling and Observability: Gain insights into our data profiling capabilities, including deep profiling, to uncover and observe hidden data quality issues throughout your data pipelines and storage.

Versatile Measures: Understand the various types of measures DQLabs supports, including auto, conditional, custom query, comparison, and behavioural measures, enabling comprehensive data assessment.

Export Metrics: Discover our export metrics functionality, allowing you to write invalid records back into your Snowflake data source for efficient data quality management.

DQLabs Modern Data Quality Platform is a powerful combination of Augmented Data Quality and Data Observability powered by Semanticsand  GenAI.

Featured Speaker
Hari Prasad

Head of Engineering, DQLabs, Inc.

Edris Ibrahim

Sales Engineer, DQLabs, Inc.

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