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Diversity of data continues to increase in terms of sources, types, formats and platforms. Further the spread of data across cloud, multi-cloud, on-premise and hybrid makes data management even more a challenging problem. Current data quality platforms are limited to traditional use cases and lacks innovation in data preparation, machine learning, streaming data and predictive analytics technologies.

Also, it lacks the ability to pinpoint the root cause of quality issues to source and are limited to no self-service capabilities. Even after purchasing such heavy priced data quality platforms, still organizations are left with difficulty of implementation and onboarding issues with existing landscape.

After a decade of trying and working with various data quality products and platforms such as those, we said

  • Up Arrow  YES, only to platforms with built-in standardized process to monitor ongoing data quality and curation issues.
  • Up Arrow  YES, only to platforms that solve business-centric capabilities.
  • Up Arrow  YES, only to platforms that provide immediate Return on Investment and recognition.
  • Up Arrow   YES, only to platforms that has consistent performance, scalability and is Enterprise ready.
  • Up Arrow  YES, only to platform that “truly” manages your data and not another platform you need to manage.

Say YES to DQLabs.ai – a platform that enables you to discover, trust, govern and consume data at ease. With augmented analytics and ML capabilities, leverage an immediate ROI and enable users to interact with data and insights without requiring advanced skills.

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Platform Modules

DQLabs is an AI augmented data quality platform that provides a simple way for organizations to handle issues around data quality, governance, curation and compliance effectively. With the use of AI and Machine Learning – the sophistication of the technology is blended carefully with the art of simplicity and business user friendly.

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Benefits of DQLabs

Immediate ROI and Value Recognized

Immediate ROI and value recognized

With the use of AI and Machine Learning, decisioning is made possible in all aspects of data management. No more ETL, workflows and rules – leverage the new world of AI decisioning in data management as the platform learns and reconfigures rules automatically as business strategy shifts and demands new data patterns, trends.

Business User-Focused Platform - DQLabs

Business User Focused

No more gaps between data governance and implementation, manage data end to end without requiring advanced skills. Yes, we are 100% serious about this and the platform enables you to understand the data quality impact of any attribute usage at ease.

Easy Onboarding in Any Existing Ecosystem

Onboard in any existing ecosystem

Onboard with minimal skills in any existing ecosystem and leverage business-centric capabilities and use cases at ease.

Effective Data Management - DQLabs

Manage data effectively with self-service capabilities

Let DQLabs manage your data and provide the ability to pinpoint the root cause of quality issues to source with self-service capabilities.

Benefits of DQLabs