DQLabs Platform overview

Augmented Data Quality

DQLabs.ai is an augmented data quality platform to manage your entire data quality life cycle. With ML and self-learning capabilities, organizations can measure, monitor, remediate and improve data quality across any type of data – all in one agile, innovative self-service platform.

With a Data Quality First approach and higher degree of automation, both business and technical stakeholders can improve ROI and enrich customer experiences by discovering trustable data and business insights in minutes.

We have an out of the box platform that provides immediate data quality metrics for Data Quality Stewardship, Active Metadata Management, Catalog, Governance and DataOps monitoring and alerts.


DQLabs platform module is categorized to span across the entire life cycle of Data Quality. Furthermore, the platform has both API and a rich UI portal with self-learning capabilities that can integrate and work well with any existing products in your landscape.With a prime focus towards Data Quality, DQLabs modules are categorized into

Smart Connectors
Connect to unlimited data sources in any form, shape, location
Semantic Discovery
Auto discover rules by semantic identification and classification
Measure Data Quality
Evaluation of all attributes across subjective and objective data quality dimensions
Monitor Drift and Behavior Analysis
Continuous DQ monitoring using different types of anomaly detections across length, pattern, null and blank
Remediate and Improve Data Quality
Remediate Data Quality Issues by cleaning, enriching and merging good records using ML based Smart Curation and Self Learning
Business Dashboards and Insights
Outcome focused measurement using KPI, metrics and performance measures

With these modules, you can now configure the platform however you want depending upon your data maturity cycle irrespective of whether you are just starting out or already working with an ecosystem full of data governance, catalog, and modern data management products.

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Best Practices

The Finance and Banking Virtual Summit 2021 - DQLabs Event


The Finance & Banking Virtual Summit 2021

Finance firms sit on treasure troves of customer information, yet this is often spread around multiple silos. Digital transformation provides access to a treasure trove of solutions including powerful data management and AI tools, which can finally help make sense of all that information. Artificial Intelligence can hunt for insurance fraud, create hyper-personalized mortgage offers or recommend investments tailored to the individual.

The Finance & Banking Virtual Summit is a free-to-attend one-day event exclusively for senior data professionals within financial services and banking which consists of inspirational keynotes, case-study-based presentations, and fiery panel discussions. This event has 26 global finance leaders share insights from across the entire spectrum of data, analytics, data privacy and security, AI, machine learning, and more.

In this virtual summit, Raj Joseph – CEO of DQLabs will be presenting at the Panel discussion on “Selecting and Integrating THE RIGHT Digital Technologies for your Business to Harness the Endless Opportunities” in the category “An Evolution in Tech and Innovation”.

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