DQLabs mentioned in Gartner 2023 planning guide for Data Management

DQLabs, Inc. announced today that Gartner listed DQLabs in the augmented data quality category as part of the  “2023 Planning Guide for Data Management.”

According to the report, organizations will seek scalable data management and robust governance solutions to support evolving use cases. As a result, data and analytics technical professionals must solicit new patterns, practices, and frameworks to deploy effective cloud, edge, and hybrid data management architectures. Also, specifically to address data quality early on to prevent downstream data issues by augmenting data pipelines, defining capacity planning and production management with data observability, and deploying secure end-to-end D&A governance. “We believe that focus towards observability and data quality in this Gartner report shows the challenge and need of delivering reliable and accurate data as a top priority of Data Management,” said Raj Joseph, CEO, DQLabs, Inc. 

The report urges organizations to  

  • Leverage AI/ML-driven tools and built-in ML capabilities to improve data quality across the data management pipeline.
  • Manage data pipeline orchestration across different deployments, balancing data movement, access patterns, and compliance and security requirements.
  • Adopt DataOps principles to drive automation, and deploy data observability to monitor data quality and performance.
  • Enrich your data ecosystem by fostering active metadata, knowledge graphs, natural language processing (NLP), AI/ML, and MDM.

About DQLabs, Inc.

DQLabs.ai is a Modern Data Quality platform that harnesses the combined power of Data Observability, Data Quality, and Data Discovery to enable data producers, consumers, and leaders to turn data into action faster, easier, and more collaboratively. 

With a Unified Data Quality Approach, the varying needs of data engineers, data scientists, and analysts are all met towards observing and measuring quality in different ways as relevant to their roles – all in one platform. On a mission to help organizations improve data quality, DQLabs enables organizations to deliver reliable and accurate data faster than ever before with an out-of-the-box Modern Data Quality platform.  

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