Out of the Box Data Quality Measurement

The traditional manual process of creating business glossaries, mapping assets, identifying business rules, and continuously going through the process of upkeeping has failed. With DQLabs out of the box capabilities, you can perform all forms of data quality tasks automated efficiently to measure, score and identify bad data using auto-discovered rules, patterns, insights, fraud, missing values, and correlations across data source, data set, attribute, department/function or organizational domain level.

Data quality is directly linked to the quality of decisions you make. DQLabs evaluates all of your attributes across subjective and objective data quality dimensions and assigns a trustable DQScore™ – a score that can be understood across all stakeholders. Plus, use search and relevance for the discovery of assets. With DQLabs now you can start the transition from a traditional manual model to a trust-based semantic model.

Check out our Data Quality Measurement Features

Leverage DQLabs to scan various types of data sources and data sets in real-time and generate a trustable DQScore™ with the ability to track, manage and improve data quality over time.

Out-of-the-box Data Quality Measurement - DQLabs

Out of the box Data Quality Measurement

You can measure your Data Quality Score (DQScore™) for all of your datasets, data sources, or attributes within the platform assessed by an AI-augmented automated profiler to know the true value of your organization’s data assets.

Semantics based DQ Visual Learning

No more manual DQ rules to deal with. Our platform’s built-in interactive visual UI and self-learning capabilities allow you to interact, intervene seamlessly, and gain insight to understand the semantics behind your data. Our platform remembers and applies these rules automatically across your organization’s datasets.

Semantics-based DQ Visual Learning - DQLabs
Create and Integrate Issue Workflows - DQLabs

Create and Integrate Issue Workflows

End-to-end issue tracking capabilities within the platform help you to capture any data quality issues, create tickets, and collaborate with other users to fix the issues at the source. You can also integrate any 3rd party issue tracking products with DQLabs for better collaboration.

Create Domain Level Scoring

With DQLabs now you can create Domain level DQ scoring to get a holistic view of the data assets specific to your domains or department which helps you to take immediate action and make business-critical decisions.

Create Domain Level Scoring - DQLabs
Create Complex Rules with Ease - DQLabs

Create Complex Rules with Ease

You can create and execute any complex rules on the go with simple UI. It takes just a few clicks to configure advanced conditional operator-based rules or functions based or Spark SQL queries. No special skills are required, we created the platform with all types of users in mind.

Integration with other Data Catalog/Governance Platforms

Seamlessly integrates with your existing data catalog or governance platforms via our API capabilities. The platform exposes APIs and helps you to push our semantic metadata with DQScore™ and metrics to any external applications and deliver data through a secured centralized permissioning layer.

Integration with other Data Catalog-Governance Platforms - DQLabs
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Leverage DQLabs to Measure, Score, and Identify bad data using auto-discovered rules across various attributes.

Monitor Drift and Behavior Analysis

Continuous DQ monitoring using different types of anomaly detections across length, pattern, null and blank.

Smart Native Connectors

Remediate and Improve Data Quality

Remediate Data Quality Issues by cleaning, enriching and merging good records using ML based Smart Curation and Self Learning.

Semantic Discovery

Business Dashboards and Insights

Measure business outcomes and receive valuable insights for recommendations using out of the box dashboards.

Measure Data Quality
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