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Everest Group®:  Data Observability Technology Provider PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024

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Data Observability

DQLabs offers data observability with automatic testing and real-time alerts via Slack, Teams, or email. Automatic lineage tracking enhances collaboration and simplifies effect analysis, enabling swift root cause analysis and eliminating downtime.

Data Quality

It enhances data accuracy with 250+ quality indicators & automated rules discovery. It integrates business terminology, data dimensions, scorecards, and issue management, ensuring agile quality stewardship & data-to-business integrity.

Data Discovery

DQLabs’ semantic discovery module auto-identifies data linked to glossary terms, ensuring consistent quality and observability assessments. This proactive approach automates compliance and maintains data quality without manual effort.

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Everest Peak Matrix

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What Everest Group says…





“DQLabs ranks as a Leader in the Everest PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Data Observability. It offers a comprehensive platform that excels in data quality and reliability management with differentiated AI/ML based anomaly detection capabilities. It also provides automated regulatory compliance through its distinct data compliance and security solutions.”



“In terms of investment, DQLabs has demonstrated a commitment to investing in next generation technologies such as generative AI, knowledge graphs, and vector databases. This is evident through its recent introduction of an AI co-pilot which helps users retrieve factual information on quality and observability metrics through natural language prompts”



“Furthermore, DQLabs has invested in deepening its partnerships across hyperscalers, system integrators, and technology providers. These efforts have propelled DQLabs to the position of Leader in Everest Group’s Data Observability Technology Provider PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024.”


Vishal Gupta

Partner, Everest Group.

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