Why DQLabs

Typical data governance strategy involves stewards manually managing data via a process that requires time and effort and cannot keep up with the growing demands in modern data management. Outlined below are the steps organizations go through before they achieve a baseline level of measurement. This approach is cumbersome, it does not scale and more importantly “it doesn’t work!”

Why DQLabs

With ML and self-learning capabilities, organizations can measure, monitor, remediate and improve data quality across any type of data – all in one agile, innovative self-service platform.

DQLabs with its AI/ML powered solution helps organizations radically streamline the process of creating actionable data quality initiatives by providing out of the box capabilities around:

  • Automatic semantic classification with no metadata, or with metadata and further enhances the business context of the data using any existing catalog systems in your ecosystem as well.
  • Autodiscover rules using discovered semantic classification for DQ scoring.
  • Measure and Monitor Data Quality automatically using subjective and objective dimensions, adaptive thresholds, outlier, and anomaly detection, as well as data observability principles.
  • Search, discover with relevance using the above calculated metrics for managing assets in your data governance or catalog platforms.
  • Remediate Data Quality Issues by smart curation, issue workflow management, and integration with other 3rd party tools for collaboration.
  • Measure business outcomes and receive valuable insights for recommendations using out of the box dashboards.
  • No manual upkeep or maintenance using our self-learning and self-service platform.

See what DQLabs can do


Smart Cities MDM Initiatives

The City is one of the top-ranked metropolitan areas in the United States. The City’s regional economy is versatile and spread across various verticals, with a robust emphasis on life sciences, agribusiness education and research, logistics, manufacturing, aerospace, and professional services.

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Asset Management Challenges - Case Study Brief


Asset Management Challenges

One of our customers is a leading US-based Asset Management service provider dealing with businesses like brokerage firms, banks, trust companies, insurance providers, and credit unions which involves different data sources like Investment Accounting, Trading, Compliance and Billing systems, etc.

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Price & Operational Analytics - Case Study Brief


Price & Operational Analytics

A major automotive software provider is in the business of consolidating data from different dealerships using Dealer system providers. A Dealer Management System is a software suite that provides the tools auto dealers need to more effectively run their business.

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Best Practices

The Finance and Banking Virtual Summit 2021 - DQLabs Event


The Finance & Banking Virtual Summit 2021

Finance firms sit on treasure troves of customer information, yet this is often spread around multiple silos. Digital transformation provides access to a treasure trove of solutions including powerful data management and AI tools, which can finally help make sense of all that information. Artificial Intelligence can hunt for insurance fraud, create hyper-personalized mortgage offers or recommend investments tailored to the individual.

The Finance & Banking Virtual Summit is a free-to-attend one-day event exclusively for senior data professionals within financial services and banking which consists of inspirational keynotes, case-study-based presentations, and fiery panel discussions. This event has 26 global finance leaders share insights from across the entire spectrum of data, analytics, data privacy and security, AI, machine learning, and more.

In this virtual summit, Raj Joseph – CEO of DQLabs will be presenting at the Panel discussion on “Selecting and Integrating THE RIGHT Digital Technologies for your Business to Harness the Endless Opportunities” in the category “An Evolution in Tech and Innovation”.

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