Data Classification

Classifying your data by automatically tagging data based on data privacy requirements, data sensitivity and data security have now become a necessary and in some cases a mandatory requirement to assure data governance and customer goodwill.


All data quality (DQ) programs must classify their vast stores of existing and incoming data on a continuous basis or risk missing important data governance and management requirements. After data observability, data classification is the next obvious step in assuring data quality success.

With DQLabs your team is empowered with the latest advents in auto tagging and classification along with a versatile and transparent universal business glossary to link your classified data to your data catalog.

Data Classification Features

Leverage DQLabs Data Classification to improve understanding of the data quality with its multiple levels of classification at the attribute, dataset, and data source level based on data governance and compliance policies.

Auto Tagging and Classification

Let the DQLabs platform automatically tag and classify your data based on the most relevant and necessary data privacy, sensitivity and security needs. Assure compliance and provide support for governance and mandatory regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, Sox 2 and HIPAA to name a few.

Auto Tagging and Classification - DQLabs
Versatile Data Sharing - DQLabs

Versatile Data Sharing

DQLabs performs multiple levels of classification at the attribute, dataset, and data source level to provide ease of sharing and permissioning. Despite multiple data formats and far-flung data silos DQLabs will perform data classification to support compliance and governance.

Improve Understanding of Your Data

With DQLabs you can easily and quickly discover, inventory, profile, tag, and create semantic relationships between data assets as a key component to understanding data quality. Our semantic search capability integrated with advance machine learning (ML) allows your team to quickly and easily discover and classify your data.

Data Analyst Ratings - DQLabs

Data Analyst Ratings

DQLabs intuitive and universal dashboards offer the ability for technical and business users to share queries and datasets including publishing, sharing and promoting data regarding governance features such as dataset user ratings. Stay abreast of any and all changing governmental, legal and organizational requirements of your data.

Assign and Discover Data Levels

DQLabs allows you to assign multiple levels to your data based on your data governance policy, procedures and controls. Automatically discover personal data dispersed across the enterprise, including associated lineage, policies, and usage.

Data Classification

Use DQLabs classification capabilities to comply with compliance classification and assist with compliance audits. Use data classification to

  • Allow users to share queries and datasets in the review of governance requirements
  • Improve your teams understanding of data based on data classification rules and principals
  • Implement continuous data classification with the benefit of ML assisted data Search and Querying
  • Execute automatic semantic identification via full text search to provide data classification based on the business context
  • Implement an automated attribute search using data quality scores

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