DQLabs is founded on the bedrock of deep expertise in Data Quality Management to ensure optimizing our customers Data Quality and Data Governance. We embrace the axiom that data is the foundation of your company, and our founder has dedicated DQLabs to providing a total quality solution. In all we do, DQLabs has put in place the people and the process to drive your organizational productivity employing advanced data engineering.

Our team understands that data is your company’s life blood, and we collectively consider our customers to be partners in our critical mission to support your success. Whether you are a current customer or considering our 360-degree solution, we invite you to reach out to any of us to discuss how DQLabs can exceed your expectations.

Executive Team

Raj Joseph

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, DQLabs, Inc.

Raj is a visionary in the field of Modern Data Management and has been focused on refining business models, strategies using Data Science technologies. He has been involved in two other venture-backed companies from startup through exit as founding members prior to starting DQLabs in June 2020. Raj has been recognized globally for his entrepreneurial effort, thought leadership and holds a Master’s in Business and Administration degree from the University of Colorado Business School.

Shanmuga Pragash

VP Presales & Partnership, DQLabs, Inc.

SP is heading the presales, partnership & strategic alliances at DQLabs, Inc. He is a Serial Entrepreneur and Experienced Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology services and SaaS products industry. SP has worked with many Startups, Governments, Fortune 100 companies as an Innovation and Solution Consultant. Strong IT professional skilled in Data, Digital, and Intelligent Solutions. He is a part of the core founding team of DQLabs.

Hayley Le

Director Sales, DQLabs, Inc.

Hayley Le is the Director of Sales at DQLabs, overseeing the company's ongoing expansion efforts globally. Passionate about the value of leveraging technology for better business outcomes. She connects clients with the best possible solutions. Hayley graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii and has spent the last decade working in tech and financial services.

Ankit Jhaveri

VP Customer Success, DQLabs, Inc.

Ankit is a trusted advisor and thought leader with the ability to inspire change and lead strategically. Making a difference in the life of his customers, employees and business partners through cross-functional leadership that promotes a culture of collaboration to tackle complex challenges and win. He enjoys working with Services, Support, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Customer Success & Advisory leadership teams where he collaborates in breaking new ground while enhancing value for customers. 

Bill Kuypers

Director Marketing, DQLabs, Inc.

Bill is a published author and Screen Playwright, experienced Product and Digital Marketing and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in hardware and software products as well as services including SaaS and networking. Skilled in Digital and Traditional Marketing and Project Management, Demand Generation, Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, and E-commerce. Certified Project Management professional with an MBA focused in Marketing from the University of Florida and LMU as well as CCNA. 

Best Practices

The Finance and Banking Virtual Summit 2021 - DQLabs Event


The Finance & Banking Virtual Summit 2021

Finance firms sit on treasure troves of customer information, yet this is often spread around multiple silos. Digital transformation provides access to a treasure trove of solutions including powerful data management and AI tools, which can finally help make sense of all that information. Artificial Intelligence can hunt for insurance fraud, create hyper-personalized mortgage offers or recommend investments tailored to the individual.

The Finance & Banking Virtual Summit is a free-to-attend one-day event exclusively for senior data professionals within financial services and banking which consists of inspirational keynotes, case-study-based presentations, and fiery panel discussions. This event has 26 global finance leaders share insights from across the entire spectrum of data, analytics, data privacy and security, AI, machine learning, and more.

In this virtual summit, Raj Joseph – CEO of DQLabs will be presenting at the Panel discussion on “Selecting and Integrating THE RIGHT Digital Technologies for your Business to Harness the Endless Opportunities” in the category “An Evolution in Tech and Innovation”.

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