Data Quality Initiatives

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Data Quality Initiatives

Use DQLabs for automated AI/ML augmented Data Quality Initiatives in less than few days with any ecosystem. No need of any manual rule creation.

In this trial, you can

  • Profile as you ingest
    Profile data as you ingest to identify bad data across all data sources.
  • DQ Scorecard
    Out of the Box Data Quality scorecards to measure and monitor data quality progress over time at attribute levels.
  • Impact Analysis
    Obtain detailed impact analysis and data quality root cause analysis on upstream and downstream data assets.
  • Trend Analysis
    Autonomously discovers changes and monitors trends and autoconfigures to aid and improve data quality.
  • DQ Powered Catalog
    Augmented Data Catalog with DQ score at the attribute, dataset, datasource level across organization assets.
  • Visual Learning
    Enables business and technical users to interact with data and understand the root cause of quality issues
  • Statistics & Pattern Analysis
    Advanced AI/ML algorithms to discover patterns, insights, fraud, missing values and correlations across attributes, datasets, and data sources.
  • Anomaly Detection
    Automatically detects outliers – identification of rare items, events or observations which raise suspicions by differing significantly from the majority of the data.



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