Data Preparation

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Data Preparation

Use self-service data preparation to clean data for reporting and analytics.

In this trial, you can

  • Data Source Access/Connectivity
    Seamlessly connect, discover, and ingest data from any source any time.
  • Data Cataloguing
    Leverage ML-augmented data catalog to simplify/automate the data discovery process.
  • Data Profiling & Data Quality Support
    Create and run profiling rules to identify bad data and make the first step towards cleaning.
  • Augmented Data Preparation
    Embedded ML/AI algorithms to improve and automate the data preparation process for insights and automation.
  • Human Guided Curation
    The end-to-end data management process through human-guided reinforcement learning.
  • Data Standardization
    Autonomously standardize your data in multiple ways as needed.
  • Multiple levels of cleansing
    Ability to deduplicate, clean and enrich data using three levels of curation – basic, reference, and advanced algorithms.
  • Data Consumption
    Seamlessly share clean data across a wide variety of options in terms of where to push clean data.

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