Data Catalog

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Data Catalog

Use DQLabs to derive end-to-end views of all your data assets for discovery, governance, and compliance.

In this trial, you can

  • Semantic Search and Querying
    ML-assisted search and querying to perform a semantic search over metadata to find the most relevant datasets and browse, filter these derived datasets as needed.
  • Discover and extract data catalog
    Discover and extract data catalog information from various silos data sources with few clicks using out-of-the-box connectors.
  • Automatically Tag and Classify the Data
    Advanced AI/ML capabilities to automatically identify, classify, and tag the sensitive data present in the data source, data set and attribute level.
  • Leverage Data Quality
    Augment data catalog with Data Quality Scores so as to easily search and filter the data by quality.
  • Data Sensitivity
    Identify sensitive data quickly and protect it to comply with regulations and data security policies.
  • Enhanced cataloging
    Expand catalogue with lineage, knowledge graph and furthermore.
  • Seamless scheduling
    Built-in scheduler to fetch and process data across data sources from real time to batch mode.

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