Cloud Data Integration | Cloud Data Migration

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Cloud Data Integration | Cloud Data Migration

Use DQLabs to migrate data from on-premise, third party API, internal applications to cloud data strategy.

In this trial, you can

  • Data Source Access/Connectivity
    Seamlessly connect and discover data from any source at any time using inbuilt connectors.
  • Versatile data sharing
    Multiple levels of classification at the attribute, dataset, data source level for ease of sharing, and permissioning.
  • Active Metadata Analysis
    AI/ML-augmented data integration for active metadata analysis, semantics, and knowledge graph.
  • Enhanced Data Processing
    Massive parallel processing capabilities to deliver distributed processing of data integration workstreams and integration flows.
  • API support
    Provision data dynamically using APIs in synergy with data and application integration techniques.
  • 360-degree view of the organization
    Make data-driven decisions that can lead to an increase in the organizations’ effectiveness and profitability.

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