Agile Data Governance Initiatives

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Agile Data Governance Initiatives

Gain trust and a clear understanding of the data from all aspects – quality, sensitivity, regulatory compliance, permissioning, usage, and many more.

In this trial, you can

  • Data Management
    Automate data and analytics governance implementation by deploying augmented data management.
  • Data Catalog
    Leverage an ML-augmented data catalog to simplify the search and discovery process of data assets.
  • Data Quality
    Leverage DQLabs AI/ML augmented data quality platform that scans various types of data sources and data sets in real-time
  • Data Permissioning and Security
    Enjoy hassle-free permissioning of data across users and data source in compliance with any regulation mandates in any eco-system
  • Data Traceability
    Report and monitor data assets over a period of time along with various aspects of data management
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Comply with data governance policies and measures the outcomes of your data stewardship efforts through monitoring the progress and tracking the changes.
  • Business Metadata and Glossary
    Create and manage user data assets terms, policies, and descriptions all in domain classification and glossaries.

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