Manage Data Smarter using AI/ML with DQLabs

Manage Data Smarter using AI/ML with DQLabs

28 Jan 2021, 11:00 AM PDT
DQLabs Webinar - Manage Data Smarter using AI/ML with DQLabs

The combination of scarce technical skills to address data volume, trust issues and an ever increasing diversity of data types and structures is accelerating the demand to automate as many data management tasks as possible. There is already a shift in focus from “how data is stored” to “how data is used and accessed.”  As organizations further shift towards “Cloud-first approach” with still data left across silos, on-premises and third-party applications, the need of using AI/ML to manage data is a must and critical.

Organizations today need to easily know what data they have, what it means, how it delivers value, and whether it can be trusted.  This needs bringing three categories of data management features – Data Catalog, Data Quality, Agile Governance together seamlessly in one unified platform to manage data smarter.

As part of this session, Raj Joseph, CEO of DQLabs shall present how uses AI/ML to manage data smarter immediately ..not months..not years.

Webinar Highlights

  • Learn how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is used to manage data smarter.
  • Improve the data inventorying efforts of humans by significantly augmenting along with AI/ML powered Data Quality.
  • How DQLabs provides a simple, but unified experience in bringing all three components together  – Data Quality, Data Catalog, and Agile Governance.

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