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Enterprise Data World 2021

Enterprise Data World 2021

21 Apr 2021, 12:00 PM PST
Enterprise Data World Conference 2021 - DQLabs Event

88 percent of data goes untouched, based on data studies conducted, because it’s hard to find which information is valuable and which is best left ignored. Why? Even though the value of Data Management is well understood by enterprises, it’s difficult to master all its requirements around people, processes, and technology.

All of these Data Management facets take time and effort and rely on traditional manual practices that don’t scale with the growth in data. So we need a pragmatic shift in how we approach data — a way that can autonomously help us manage data smarter — with a focus towards Data Quality.

Enterprise Data World (EDW) has been recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on Data Management in the world. DQLabs CEO, Raj Joseph is presenting in the sponsored session about “Manage data smarter using AI/ML-powered data quality“.

Join our fast-paced and insight-driven session to learn,

  • What is data management and how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used to manage data smarter?
  • Improve the data inventorying efforts of humans by significantly augmenting along with AI/ML-powered Data Quality.
  • How DQLabs provides a simple, but unified experience in bringing all three components together – Data Quality, Data Catalog, and Agile Governance 2.0.

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