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City of Spokane, one of the top-ranked metropolitan areas in the United States, is on a mission to strengthen outreach, city-wide planning, and engagement services using data. The key to this strategy is to leverage modern master data management, augmented analytics while maintaining privacy, compliance to aid activities around community-wide planning.

As a result, they were able to improve community-wide planning, public safety, addressing concerns related to high-risk populations, identifying service gaps, and providing support around case management services, emergency response programs, and health and housing initiatives.


Public, Government and Non-profit

  • Customer 360
  • Personalized experience
  • Outreach and Engagement
  • Data Ingestion
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Quality


By using MDM, We can eliminate 80% of noise to create a single version of citizen record for effective community-wide planning


Cheif Innovation and Technology officer at City of spokane



City of Spokane set forth to provide a secure, privacy-compliant way of using data to aid activities around community-wide planning, public safety, addressing concerns related to high-risk populations, identifying service gaps, and providing support around case management services, emergency response programs, and health and housing initiatives. With data analytics and machine learning anchoring their strategy, they hoped to create an end-to-end, comprehensive, enterprise-scale, Modern Master Data Management solution.

Like most enterprises and cities, they faced a number of the challenges that often come along with outdated technology and processes: lack of basic awareness and consensus; silos and vested interest; disorganized or inaccurate data; the inability to innovate and scale; resource-intensive workflows, — the list goes on. All making it impossible to collaborate and leverage the data for their specific needs around engagement and planning.

Without having the awareness around what MDM is and what it can do for their organization, it was challenging to pull all stakeholders together to come out of organizational silos. Given the different vested interests that existed, it was difficult to get a consensus on what is important and, at a more basic level, what “master data” should be.

The traditional way of implementations were labor-intensive, and commercially available products were complex, slow, and came with a high price, steep learning curve. The city knew that if they wanted to shift with the times, as they’d done for decades, they’d need to overhaul and innovate.


Increase in duplicate to create single version of truth improving outreach and engagement

DQLabs gives organizations the ability to manage data smarter and leverage an immediate ROI in weeks, rather than months.


President and chief executive officer at



DQLabs modernize Master Data Management implementations, improve cross-team collaboration, and drive innovation. By ingesting data from silos and bringing in one consolidated storage with a secure, 100% compliance data governance process, users were able to easily and reliably ingest massive volumes of data, in a matter of days. Further, it provided a common, automated way of cataloguing using defined and inferred metadata and to understand what data was available to use. Today they no longer waste time looking for data or requesting access, permissions. With DQLabs’ automated data governance capabilities, they are able to scale and manage a wide variety of disparate data all in one platform.

We used the DQLabs to abstract the entire process of extract, transform, load and achieved credibility and consistent data through data quality and master data management services – all automated, configurable using a visual learning environment that learns the data culture. This process included merging a variety of data sources, validating the quality of the sources up to the level of each attribute, cleansing, and then going through a process of consolidation, linking, and de-duplicate before the golden key records are created. The most innovative thing was all this accomplished with no ETL. What used to take months and years was done in weeks. Now any new sources data ingestion, profiling, and curation can be done in days.

Now, both Engineering and Business stakeholders were finally able to collaborate thanks to a consistent simple data management platform that lay the foundation for a successful citywide MDM program now by creating a future-state MDM vision and adopting a stepwise, programmatic approach.

DQLabs enabled a simpler, innovative way of mastering data and create golden records in a matter of days and ingest as many as data sources as needed. With the integrated golden record view, now any reporting data could be overlaid for reporting, and analytics to create and aid in cross wide city planning, outreach and engagement population and even in addressing aids around high-risk population and emergency response services.

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