The role of Data Curation in Data Management

Role of data curation in data management
April 14, 2021 | Data Curation

The role of Data Curation in Data Management


Data is the new oil. Information is in overdrive… 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years’ time. People continue to gather, maintain, and archive data at ever more significant volumes and they always have. They drive to get valuable data for today and tomorrow. With the rapid growth of cell phones and connected devices, we will likely create more data than we can manage. Organizations grapple with getting things done and operationalizing big data. The correct word for managing the data that makes the data useful for its users is Data Curation. Unavailability of good Data Curation, business effectiveness decreases.

Defining Data Curation

Data Curation is a way of managing data that makes it more useful for users engaging in data discovery and analysis. It can also be termed as the end-to-end process of creating good data by identifying and forming resources with long-term value. Information technology refers mainly to the management of data throughout its life cycle, from invention and early storage to the time when it is reserved for future research and analysis or becomes obsolete and deleted.

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Characteristics of data curation

  • Social signals; Data Curation leverages human responses towards customized knowledge. Data Analysts install their methodology in interpreting and manipulating data. It avails access to this kind of human knowledge, which can be valuable on how others do their work.
  • Active Management throughout the Data Lifecycle; Data Curation means active management of data reducing threats to their long-term value and mitigating digital obsolescence.
  • Complimentary work with Data Governance; Data Curation may make use of Data Governance when customizing information. However, it brings out customized business data, like a modern corporate library. The resulting Data Collections provide for more relevant information that is easier to search, not just a set of policies.

Importance of data curation in data management

Acts as a bridge

Data Curation facilitates collecting and controlling the data that all can make use of it in their various ways. Without Data Curation, it would be inconceivable to get, process, and validate data in a given organization. As it acts as an overpass, there’s an increasing emphasis on leveraging the powers of Data Curation.

Organizes the data

Data Curation arranges the data that keeps piling up every moment. No matter how huge the datasets may be, Data Curation can help us systematically manage them so that the analysts and scientists can approach them in a format most suitable. Once it is organized in a convenient way for data scientists, they can use it to fetch insights that the business can rely on. However, it all pivots on how well you use it to organize the data.

Takes care of quality

You can control Data Curation to beware of the quality of the data. You can make sure that good data remains with you, and you let go of that which is not applicable. Data analysts and data scientists will realize that Data Curation has taken care of the quality and will be able to believe the data provided to them. In the age of big data and surplus data in a way, one can get lost entirely without Data Curation on one’s side. Therefore, there’s a growing recognition in the data industry to capitalize on Data Curation and ensure quality control.

Making Machine Learning more effective

Machine Learning algorithms have made big strides towards understanding the consumer space. AI consisting of “neural networks” collaborate and can use Deep Learning to recognize patterns. However, Humans need to intervene, at least initially, to direct algorithmic behavior towards practical learning. Curations are about where the humans can add their knowledge to what the machine has automated. This results in prepping for intelligent self-service processes, setting up organizations for insights.

Speeding innovation

Organizations are looking to identify ways to manage data most effectively while establishing a collaborative ecosystem to enable this efficiency. Data Curation enhances collaboration by opening and socializing how data is used.


Think of a sculpture or painting that is curated. You can easily comprehend how precious such a sculpture or painting would turn out to be. Likewise, curating data is equally helpful for any business. If you can take advantage of Data Curation, you can crystallize the stockpiles of data and see what it is worth. You can ensure that your business is driven by clean and valuable data so that you can gain a competitive edge and claim your position at the top of the market. So harness the power of Data Curation and lead the way.